Hello, I’m João Silveira.
I am a Brazilian designer who
believes in simple, beautiful
and well told stories.

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In the year 2001, when I was 15, I discovered that I could be a web designer. In 2002 I built a social network within my school. I still keep the source code (in ASP!) as a souvenir. At 17, I started working at an advertising agency, as an art assistant. When I was 18, I was promoted for the first time and became an art director. At 19, to my surprise, I had already directed the president of a multinational company in a commercial (this, unfortunately, I have not saved).

20 years old: I decided to go to college. At the age of 21, I created my first international campaign. At 22, I dropped out of college – it looked like something very old and I felt like I wasting my time. After I turned 23, I went back to the chalk board and re-learned how to develop websites – the technology had changed a lot since the last time I studied HTML, CSS and PHP. Hmmm… at 24, I got married.

With 25, I became the Brazilian
design curator more followed and
influent on Pinterest.

(Follow me there, by the way. I promise to just post cool stuff! )

Then, at 26, I got divorced. When I was 27, I created a digital start-up oriented to small businesses. It was a short term intense experience! At 28, I finally understood that I couldn’t be just a designer anymore, but still didn’t know exactly what I should do. At 29, I directed my first (and my second, and my third) campaign with Brazilian celebrities.

Today, I’m 31 years old and evolves my career into UX design, I am currently working on the creation of a revolutionary digital bank and I no longer consider myself just an art director, or a designer, or a developer. I consider myself a storyteller. It doesn’t matter the media, if it’s gonna be printed or on screen. Online or offline. Mobile or desktop. Illustrated or photographed. Or drawn. Or scrawled. Or, just planned ideas in a post it.

João Silveira - Art Director
I currently work as Head of Visual Design
at Agibank, working to create
a completely digital and innovative bank.
You find my complete resume here.

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