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João Silveira

João Silveira

I'm a lead designer based in São Paulo.
My passion is people.
I like to observe them, I try to understand them and my day to day is dedicated to solving problems that make their lives a little better. 🙂


Today I am a leader in Mercado Livre and alongside a team of more than 1000 designers in 18 countries I build digital products to improve e-commerce in Latin America.


Want to chat about an inspiring digital design project that can make the world more empathetic and simpler? Let’s talk 🙂


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My Story

I started my career as a web designer at age 15, working afternoons at my school. At 17 I was already in my first agency as an art director. I went through several agencies in the south of Brazil, in Porto Alegre, where I specialized in projects with a digital and fashion focus.

Alongside many clients, I built fashion cases with celebrities such as Anitta, Maria Casadevall, Gabi Martins and several others until returning to the design world in 2017. I then moved to São Paulo, already as Lead Designer for the design of two new digital banks in Brazil.

Today, I work in a leading marketplace across Latin America and, alongside a team of +1000 designers, I lead projects that make the lives of small digital entrepreneurs simpler.

Where I’ve Worked

2020 - Now

Lead Designer at Mercado Libre

2019 - 2020

Lead Designer at Bank Pan


Lead Designer at AgiBank

2004 - 2017

Creative Head at Many Other Places

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